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Stationery is a lost art. The days of writing letters by candlelight with nib and ink are long gone. At Bid Adieu, our goal is to preserve the art of stationery and to use paper and ink, and the occasional ribbon, to produce a piece of art that is as functional as it is beautiful.

As a form of fine art, stationery is unique because it lends a tactile experience. It is an art that you can not only gaze upon but can feel. Unlike paintings at a museum, you can run your fingertips along the pillowy impression of letterpress and feel the fluffiness of deckled edges and silkiness of fine ribbons—and know that it was hand made just for you.

When created with the utmost detail and care, stationery is the most tangible and personalized way of communicating with your friends and family, which makes it well suited for the biggest moments in life i.e. weddings, anniversaries, and other moments worth celebrating.

Bid Adieu strives to produce a work of art that captures your essence and to deliver a perfect, calligraphed bundle to your loved ones who will feel not only cherished but positively regal.



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Hi there, I'm Dieu. I am a physician by day and a fine art stationer by night. At the end of the day, however, I consider myself first and foremost an artist. 

Art has brought me great joy and has never led me astray. One of my first awards in school was for a drawing of a flower. My first job as a teenager was painting pottery. I eventually grew attracted to the art of medicine. While pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences, I also concurrently minored in Fine Art where I learned painting, drawing, and sculpture. I had yet to find my craft until I decided to do my own wedding stationery. 

Being a physician has been and continues to be incredibly rewarding. Years of study, however, has only increased my pent up creative energy. 

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How fortunate was I to have finally found my art! The paper, the textures, the functionality, and the unique personality of every suite became too irresistible to ignore.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it felt natural to share my love of stationery with others. And since I also come from humble beginnings, I wanted every bride to be given the opportunity to have luxurious, custom wedding stationery no matter his/her background.

Bid Adieu Studio was born in 2021, and I can’t wait to see how she evolves over the next few years!

                                    With Love, 

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